John green :)

John green :)


Beauty from pain




“Beauty From Pain by Georgia Cates”


at first, i though that this book was another 50-shades-like book. well, Yeah maybe.

because of BDSM? Maybe because it’s erotic?

Well, whatever, this one is unique at its own way.. and i dont know how, but i feel something very special about this book.

I remember when i joined a giveaway (where i won an ebook copy of it)

I wasnt qualified, actually. one of the instructions is you must be atleast 18. but i am just 15. i wrote there:

.(Hey, Please, let me have it. i really want this book. i am matured enough. i just read but i dont apply whatever thingy it has)

That was insane right? HAHA!! but atleast i won. i actually cannot afford to buy one. that’s why i was so happy when i won:))

at first, i didnt really wanna read it. i feel like its boring. i was expecting too much from it because it must be 50-shade-like book, which is my favorite book at this point. and i dont wanna end up regretting i wasted my time for such a book.

and i saw a review of it. and it caught my attention because of that 3-month thingy.

So i started reading it. and as I move, i cant stop from reading.

i cant do other things, i cant leave my lappy because i wanna know how it will end.

and when i was near the end, I was very frustrated!!!

i was very sad, i was very disappointed!!!!


because It has second book!!!!! that was the worst thing about this book. haha!!!

I dont know what to do,  i wanna know what will happen. i wanna know!!! but i learned that it has  second book and it will be published on May. what the hell? right!!!

well, i love this book. actually, i rank it as First together with 50. 🙂

I like Laurelyn prescott’s fear. very rare. to fear to have a relationship with someone who has family? that was like, Do really someone fear on that?

Something new for me, i think?

and i like the Username thingy. :)) that was something new for my taste.. 😀

i like Paige. i really like that part and how their names -maybe real names were a big deal!!!

i like the romantic and love scenes.  i really feel the love.

i feel it even though i was just reading it.

and lastly, i really like how it ended on the first book. 🙂
I really thought they will end up very romantic.

But expect the unexpected, right? :))

I just do love this book!!! no words can describe it. i really like more than i like it. i love it more that i love it. HAHAHAAHAH!!


Hi, Georgia Cates, you are a very great author. :)))
keep doing it. i am expecting tooo much on beauty from pain. i dont know what to expect but i salute you. i am expecting another one great book. :))
Beauty From surrender.


“Sometimes the …

“Sometimes the walls we put up to defend ourselves, end up holding us prisoners.”

Sometimes, we make our own ways for us not to hurt someone or for us not to be hurt. Example. We wanna change ourselves. Sometimes, that change end up being the reason why everything is turning very difficult. we change for a certain reason,but sometimes we are stuck in it and we cant move anymore and we end up being prisoners of our own mistake.