“Bared to you and Reflected in you”

Another, very-50-shades-like book. i was so disappointed at first, because it was very 50-shades like. but when i started reading the 2nd book, Everything changed. the story keeps on changing and i dont know what’s going to happen next. I was so broken when i learned that the 3rd book will be released on june 4. i cant wait that long. I wanna know what’s going to happen to my dear Gideon Cross. 😦 The book was good. but i Love 50 shades more than this.

“My Life next Door

I Like the ending. but at first, i got bored. So i dont wanna say something in this book,.

“Education of Sebastian and Education of Caroline”

These books, i dont know what to say!!!! They are awesome, erotic yet full of love and passion. 😀 i loved this books!!!! new plot for me. I Love sebastian ❤ Better try reading them. they’re indescribable. you wont stop reading them, like what’s gonna happen next?!!!

“Perfect chemistry, rules of Attraction, Chain reaction”

The Fuentes Brothers!!!!! This series is so great. the stories are  unusual for me.  i like the sweetness of the these brothers. :)) But i love Luis on all of them. yahahahah. they were gang members, but they changed my point of view when it comes to gang. i hope all gangs were

“And lastly, the 50shades trilogy AGAIN for the nth time, :))”

dont ask me why i love these books, because i dont really know. top 1 favorite book. do not judge, i just love them. 🙂

Try them. or if you have read them, Lucky for you.)

Any suggestions of books that i can read after these books?

looking forward. thanks 😉