“The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders”

This story is about a guy, named Alessandro  married a girl named  Theresa because of a deal with Theresa’s Father. all Alessandro wants from her wife is a son to get out of their hell marriage. the deal for them  to get divorce is they must have a son. at first, miscarriage happened. but After a year and a half of unhappiness and disillusionment, theresa decided to divorce with his Husband. theresa did not know anything about the deal. she just didnt feel loved and not respected. all she felt was used and for sex, alone Unfortunately, at that time that she asked for a divorce, she finally got pregnant. and that was the time that Sandro explained everything about the deal. and to get out of hell, she was praying for a son so the divorce wont be a big deal anymore. but when Sandro learned that Theresa was pregnant, he changed. he tried to work everything out. He was so sweet, he acted so caring towards theresa. he introduced her wife to his friends, to his family, they talk, they kiss, finally he acted life a real husband!!!!! He now realized how much he loves Theresa and he’ll do everything to stay at theresa’s side and be her husband. but it was too late…

theresa is tired  on all this shit. but Sandro didnt stop. so the big day has finally come, the baby will finally see the world. but the baby was a girl!!!! so what do you expect? Sandro was so happy seeing it was a girl. theresa was so shocked on Sandro’s expression. then finally, Sandro admitted that all this time, he was praying for a girl, because he want to prolong the time together with theresa. and she’ll do everything to get theresa’s trust back. :))

—  This story is very touching, very dramatic yet romantic.divorce is never the way out.this must be read by couples whose relationships are at risks.

 you learn from this book. i hope the book didnt end. it was so comfortable reading it. i like it..

try to read it. 🙂 Very good story