“This is how we know what love is, Jesus Christ laid down His life for us”


This is the true meaning of love.. the REAL love in this world.

Wondering why most people fail when it comes to love?

it’s because they dont know the real meaning of Love.

The way you understand love is actually the way you see it.”

Usual Definition love:

  • PDA (public display of affection)
  • kissing
  • PMS( pre-marital sex)
  • early pregnancy

So generally, this topic focuses on teenagers’ love. the misconception of love nowadays.

To my dear friends, i want you to know that the love we must mind at this point of our lives isn’t the love for immortal man but the love for our God. this isn’t the right time. love is a very broad lesson. it must be learned through experiences and wisdom, not through our own knowledge.

don’t be too excited, do not rush, wait patiently, for whoever knows how to wait patiently receives the best out of the goods.  the Lord wants the Best for His Children. 

Maybe He is now looking for the someone you wanna have. The man who will truly love you until the last second.,

While you are waiting, the most perfect thing you must do is to pray for that someone.

  • but when you pray, Do not be specific to someone.

Do not pray for a specific person, pray the things you wanna have for someone.

  • Dont give Limitations.

When you do that, you are underestimating the power of the Lord. because you are limiting Him to someone. How can the Lord be able to give you the best guy He wanted if He cannot choose because of the limitation and boundaries you have set to someone?

So the best things you must pray must be the characteristics that you want to a guy.

pray for a very considerate, loving, loyal, handsome, someone

—-> Imagine the best, pray for it and it will be given!!!

Our God is a powerful God.

He doesn’t want His children to stick on good things.

He always wants the best.

So be patient!!


So if you just had your break up with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, or your crush has liked someone, DON’T BE SAD!!! that means that He isn’t the best! The best is coming, wait for the best. Don’t be too satisfied with the good, you deserve the best!!

You know what, the reason you do not receive the best is because you are too contented with the goods, you have overjoyed on the good things.

What if the best things have come, what are you gonna feel?!

definitely you’re going to be crazy!!!!

i know that waiting is a very hard thing,. no Assurance.. but remember this.

“God keeps His Promises. and He gives the guarantee to fulfill it. His promise is He wants everything to be the best on His people.”

our God is a God of timing.

everything is beautiful in God’s timing.

—-> “And the best is reserved to those who know how to wait patiently.”

The Lord loves you so much. That He even gave His life for you. just imagine it, the Lord, the highest of all, humbled His self for us sinners. He put his throne down just to save us all sinners. Return the favor, love Him Back. He is begging for your time, for your love. he wants it more than anything. His love is bigger than the ocean.. Overflowing..

This time is not the time for you to focus on someone’s love. this is the time to love the Lord because He is Coming, AGAIN.

there are times that you have met the right person,. but remember this.

“Even if that someone is already the right person, but in the wrong timing, no matter how right that someone is, he’ll end up the wrong person because you are living on the wrong timing.”

Remember John 3:16 🙂