I read this book, and this is the best book I’ve ever read.

Well, this book is not really about sex.

i hate those people who judge this book without them reading it, well, maybe this book has that thingy which is not suitable for young people like me. But this book has an awesome story.

it is not about that thingy, it has the best love story and the story behind it has many lessons to be learned.

Grey, is a guy who has many fears. it’s true that love conquers fear, and this story has proven it.

if you really love someone, you must learn how to understand their fears, you must help them overcome it.

dont let someone’s past control their present, help them  move forward and live their lives to the fullest.

to overcome fears with the help of just other people isnt enough.someone must help him do it and that someone must unconditionally love no matter happens.

this is the power of love, love can do things that nobody has thought it can.

love is one of the most powerful force everybody must have.